Freitag, 28. Dezember 2012

Big After-Christmas Haul

I didn't write in a long time because I have so muh to do for university
Evenenow in the holidays  have more work to do then without holidays -.-

well, I never got a real big shopping haul over the last year because I aways got tattoos for my saved up money
So I decided  to go shopping from my chistmas money (As you might know, my phone got stolen so I spend my birthday money on a new phone)

I didn't find that much clothes so I decided t go to primark bcause they got one here 10 min with the car away XD
such luxury

I got tights for like a year and unerwear XD I think I spend the half of the money only for this but I need them always

I only wear shorts and skirts so tights are really important i winter

I got one jeans though :D

 Lets start <3 p="p">

the bag my mom got me for christmas <3 p="p">
I love it so much. the back is transparent

only pullover I have now XD

leggins for homewear

a simple blouse so I can decorate the collar

I love this blouse so much!!! With the holes in the front and the lace *__*

its light pink

the back is naked in the upper part. I bought this blouse twice because I may dye it

<3 p="p">
all of the tights XDDD and socks

here you can see which tights and overknee socks  bought apart from the basic ones without pattern
because they were  cheap I got 3 ofthe midle one nd 2 of the left one

bigger make up bag. tottally needed those

got thi in h&m 

this too

yeah, well, thats the haul without my underwear XD

I love the red clothes because they have this dark wine red an Iwnated such clothes for autumn but didnt have the money

now that I have light pink hair I need to wait to wea it, or what o you think?! would it be that ugly if I wore them?
maybe the shorts wouldnt look that bad because you wouldnt see them so much and its not direct on my hair

pls tell me your opinion :D

I want light pink hair for the gyaru meet in january thats why I must wait to dye my hair lighter

Bye <3 p="p">

Mittwoch, 7. November 2012

Masha Sedgwick: BIG FAT GIVEAWAY!!! THANK YOU for over 10.000 Like...

Masha Sedgwick: BIG FAT GIVEAWAY!!! THANK YOU for over 10.000 Like...: Ich habe es natürlich nicht vergessen: Ich habe euch ja was versprochen und ganz groß angekündigt und ENDLICH ist das GEWINNSPIEL...

Review: Barbie Eye Super Nudy Grey and pink hair again ~~


My lenses arrived so I decided to make a short review about them :D

I also dyed my hair pastel pink again and I love it so much ;__; ♥♥
With the extensions I feel so feminine ♥

Sorry, that  didnt write.. first my phone got stolen and then I had some though time with my boyfriend but
oh well, I will try to blog, even without a proper phone haha


Barbie Eye Super Nudy Grey:

diameter : 16 mm
water content : 48%
base curve : 8.6 mm

First of all the cute package ♥
Thanks again :D

Without flash:

With flash:

Now I will spam pics, because there are only a few which look good...I hate this handy cam buhu

here you can see, why I took them too. I love these circle they make on the eyewhite

with flash again

well, it blends perfectly and I think the color is really natural, although I think on darker eyes it will be more grey.
I love the pattern, thats the reason I chose it haha

Although its entitled 16 mm I dont really see a difference between 15 and 16 mm but I think, although they are this big, they look quite normal and not alien like like otherlenses with this size
I think they enlarge perfectly and in smaller eyes they may seem more big than in mine

But when I look at the pics, they look much bigger, then I thought haha

Well, they burned a little at the beginning but after that, I didnt feel the anymore

Thats it 


Mittwoch, 10. Oktober 2012

Kitais Giveaway

Please check my friends blog and her giveaway :D

Anniversary and Giveaway Win

Hello Hello

Sorry, I was ill the past week so I didnt had the oppurturnity to post something interesting.

But on monday, my boyfriend and I had our first anniversary an we went to diner at one of our favourite Mexican resturants, Tijuana.

I ordered the same as always xD But next time I will order a burger too :D

A pic from my outfit.

You can also see, how my hair gets lighter *_*

And I won a Giveaway from Shoppingholics for one pair of lenses

I couldnt decide because I want black lenses for so long and I started to like red lenses a while ago and I clicked trough the page for a few hours xD

I'm really excited.

bye bye

Sonntag, 30. September 2012

cross DIY shirt

Fist of all I want to show you my new and healed tattoo

I took a ´black shirt and bleached a cross on it, the outcome was so much better as I thought because it got red not white/ yellow

Like I already said I dyed my hair again to get a lighter blonde and no I dont have much hair left and they are so broken ._. never using this dye again

I dont know what to do with my hair because I dont want to cut them so much. I cut them but I somehow want a more real haircut like a sort of a bob but I dont want short hair so meeeeh

Just dont know

Here you can see my harcolor better

At the end I have only a few things

I found my old ring again which my aunt gave me as a gift when I was like 8

I think its really cute because its such a thin thing

And then did my boyfriend my nails xD only the shine but it looks so cool

bye bye 

Arthur Guinness Day

Hello Hello I finally bought some fake Litas as well and decited its time to blog again...and I need to study, you know, when you need to do something like this then procrastination everywhere xD  

well on Thursday was Arthur Guinness day and we decided to go to the Guinness House to drink...Guinness xD 

 When you drank 2 you got on bottleopener and after 4 be a Guinness shirt haha so we were there like 4 hours xD it was funny

I thought this would be a nice occasion to wear the Litas and omg 

they are really comfy but for the streets in Aachen it was very shitty ._. the stones are so uneven but oh well. I wore them for like 8 hours so it was ok I think

I first wanted them in black but I thought I want more mature clothes and coords so I bought the brown ones and I love them <3 font="font">

I also did a few outfit shoots because I did some DIYs recently and wanted to show them, also do a lookbook outfit again

I took a skyblue shirt and bleached it, also added some studs to the collar :D

always wanted something like this 

complete outfit. here you can see the white top of the shirt :D

I dyed my hair and it didnt turn out like I hair are really damaged now :( never taking this dye again

I have one more DIY shirt and some things about my hair, that I will post tomorrow :D

Here my lookbook :

Bye Bye 

Mittwoch, 26. September 2012

You can win louboutins here GREAT SITE go there :D

Montag, 23. Juli 2012


Montag, 21. Mai 2012

Champions League etc

Did you all watch the champions league?
well we watched it with a few people in the little flat of my boyfriend because he won a huuuge LED flat screen.  haha

well the game was so lame but we got really wasted this day and it was fun till they all got home

my boyfriend actually brought about 50 beer bootles too the market after this weekend haha

he also got tattooed on this day as you might want to see here

I also tested a phoen app and omg wtf is this hipster shit haha

I tried to do the most hipsterish pic evurr

well we also went to Holland to buy something to eat and I bought this little thingis

I always ate them when I was a child haha

now my lips and tongue are all sore

I bought a new jeans and a new top I wantto wear tomorrow
although its pretty hot outside I hope I can wear it.
I will make some phots for you


(I thought it was somehow a cool shot)

Freitag, 18. Mai 2012


I will write some more posts in the future because I will change the whole concept of this blog
It wont be about Gyaru only


a few months ago I cut my hair a sidecut

I was on the search for a new flat so I decided to color my hair a more normal color

I also got new tattoos and a few new piercings

I feel more like myself than ever before

I also got new glasses
I think they are more tslyish than my other and I dont feel ashamed anymore to wear them

last week I ordered finally some Diamond Lashes I wanted for so long. I hope they arrive soon
so I can post a few Gyaru pics again :D

I didnt use this blog because I use Tumblr as a mini blog personal shit thing haha

well bye bye