Freitag, 28. Dezember 2012

Big After-Christmas Haul

I didn't write in a long time because I have so muh to do for university
Evenenow in the holidays  have more work to do then without holidays -.-

well, I never got a real big shopping haul over the last year because I aways got tattoos for my saved up money
So I decided  to go shopping from my chistmas money (As you might know, my phone got stolen so I spend my birthday money on a new phone)

I didn't find that much clothes so I decided t go to primark bcause they got one here 10 min with the car away XD
such luxury

I got tights for like a year and unerwear XD I think I spend the half of the money only for this but I need them always

I only wear shorts and skirts so tights are really important i winter

I got one jeans though :D

 Lets start <3 p="p">

the bag my mom got me for christmas <3 p="p">
I love it so much. the back is transparent

only pullover I have now XD

leggins for homewear

a simple blouse so I can decorate the collar

I love this blouse so much!!! With the holes in the front and the lace *__*

its light pink

the back is naked in the upper part. I bought this blouse twice because I may dye it

<3 p="p">
all of the tights XDDD and socks

here you can see which tights and overknee socks  bought apart from the basic ones without pattern
because they were  cheap I got 3 ofthe midle one nd 2 of the left one

bigger make up bag. tottally needed those

got thi in h&m 

this too

yeah, well, thats the haul without my underwear XD

I love the red clothes because they have this dark wine red an Iwnated such clothes for autumn but didnt have the money

now that I have light pink hair I need to wait to wea it, or what o you think?! would it be that ugly if I wore them?
maybe the shorts wouldnt look that bad because you wouldnt see them so much and its not direct on my hair

pls tell me your opinion :D

I want light pink hair for the gyaru meet in january thats why I must wait to dye my hair lighter

Bye <3 p="p">