Mittwoch, 7. November 2012

Masha Sedgwick: BIG FAT GIVEAWAY!!! THANK YOU for over 10.000 Like...

Masha Sedgwick: BIG FAT GIVEAWAY!!! THANK YOU for over 10.000 Like...: Ich habe es natürlich nicht vergessen: Ich habe euch ja was versprochen und ganz groß angekündigt und ENDLICH ist das GEWINNSPIEL...

Review: Barbie Eye Super Nudy Grey and pink hair again ~~


My lenses arrived so I decided to make a short review about them :D

I also dyed my hair pastel pink again and I love it so much ;__; ♥♥
With the extensions I feel so feminine ♥

Sorry, that  didnt write.. first my phone got stolen and then I had some though time with my boyfriend but
oh well, I will try to blog, even without a proper phone haha


Barbie Eye Super Nudy Grey:

diameter : 16 mm
water content : 48%
base curve : 8.6 mm

First of all the cute package ♥
Thanks again :D

Without flash:

With flash:

Now I will spam pics, because there are only a few which look good...I hate this handy cam buhu

here you can see, why I took them too. I love these circle they make on the eyewhite

with flash again

well, it blends perfectly and I think the color is really natural, although I think on darker eyes it will be more grey.
I love the pattern, thats the reason I chose it haha

Although its entitled 16 mm I dont really see a difference between 15 and 16 mm but I think, although they are this big, they look quite normal and not alien like like otherlenses with this size
I think they enlarge perfectly and in smaller eyes they may seem more big than in mine

But when I look at the pics, they look much bigger, then I thought haha

Well, they burned a little at the beginning but after that, I didnt feel the anymore

Thats it