Sonntag, 8. Januar 2012

Gyaru X mas meet, sylvester and stufff

I bought many new clothes and I will try to do some pics in a few days. Ineed to write an essay and study for my exams so I dont know If I have much time in the next few weeks.

I also want to play games like deus ex and LOL but i wont even let them come near me before exams ;___;
on the 28.12 was the big xmas meet.
One day before Kitai and Ari told me to take the leadership for it but it wasnt really that chaotic as always. So it was ok, because Ari was there too to help me.
 forgot my extensions at my boyfriends house so I decided to try a short haired Suji hairdo again.
I was really satisfiet with the outcome.
Also I tried the new Princess Mimi Apple Green lenses I got and they are soooo beautiful.

 In tthe train  met Caro, as always andd Desi, our new member <3 Caro did her Make Up and Hair for this day

 Caro doing Jackys hair xD

 First time eating toriteri don. IT WAS THE MOST DELICIOUS THING IN MY LIFE or so XD

 Nextt day we ate raclette at caros house and played wii XD Look what character I created hahahaha

And today we went to karaoke with the Andyannd Simon and Desi and caro because  Andyand Simon are finally back from Japan ;__;
We alsomeet some other friends there and had aa lot of fun.
It was my first time at Hotel Nikko and it was pretty good because they have some student prices.

The little room for us 6
 I really found rickrolling XD

the others xD

 my outfit for that day. New brought dress. Its really sexy and comfortable *__* I hope its still aviable in black haha
My tights u cant see on the first pic. I love them. <3 With sparkly Thunder *__*

Also Andy brought me some Diamond Lashes <3 I instantly tried them

I think  they look really good *__*

Also as you might see on the outfitt pic, my red hair got blond on the tips because I went swimming in my dads pool. too much chlore...

xoxo <3