Freitag, 9. April 2010

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Coffee Prince

I saved three scenes in the drama (and countless screenscaps what I do everytime I watch something) I want to write down here,because 1 is beautiful,1 is funny and 1 shocked me to the death XD

When Eun Chan and Han Sung talked about something Eun Chan had not said:
Han Sung:
"I don't know why this is so,
Whether you're laughing or crying,
Just watching you brings me joy.
That's what I like.
Promise me one thing,
In front of me, just do what you want.

Your mood, your feelings,
Without hiding anything."

Thats so so beautiful ;__; I just want that somebody would say that to me.. XD 
Probaply Han Sung XDDDDD
Then when Yoo Joo returned after a few weeks without anybody saying where she were.
Han Sung:"Where were you?"
Yoo Joo:"A quiet beach."
Han Sung:"What is the number to that beach?
 Write down all of your 
family and 
beach's number
in my phone book. All right?"

XD I just love this character <3

And this scene was when Yoo Joo finds out that Han Sung had kiss Eun Chan and his denial of his feelings for Eun Chan

Yoo Joo:"What was so good about her?
Because she was innocent?
She's just a cute, little kid?
Seeing you lying like that to me...
watching you check for her text
messages after sleeping with me,

do you know how shameful I felt?"

I mean...seriously..WTF? XD
THIS IS F** bad XD really...what a respectless treatment of his girlfriend XDD

This shocked me really XD Maybe he thoght of her while they did it too XD OMG

Donnerstag, 8. April 2010


der Chirurg hat ihr den Zeh verkürzt xD
er:"Ohja,dass ist meine Patientin.Ich hab ihr die Schönheits OP umsonst gemacht."
David Borinas:"Schönheits OP?"
Er:"Ja,Zehen sind die neue Nase!"



first we went to the 8.30 am Xx
but the exibithion was really intereseting *__* can't imagine how they do this X__x

then we went to the sun studio *__* 
it was so so cool ~ 
I LOVE the tanning studio~

 I will definitively do it again <33

after this,we went to the town and I could finally buy new ballerinas..
OMFG they are so so pretty ;__; 
I saw them in glamour but in real they are much more pretty.
aren't they pretty ;___;

and I brought a dress,which I couldn't resist ;___;
It's such a Hime dream dress xD

Flowers and laces *__*

the lower border~

look at the sleeves and the buttons {3

Yet I just have to prepair my white High heels with white roses 
and I have a whole Hime Outfit *__*

Mittwoch, 7. April 2010

TV Total

xD hauptsache im Fernsehen grade:'was kann man gegen jugendkriminalität machen?'
'am besten hände abhacken,wie im orient.die klauen einmal ne mark und dann nie wieder' XDDDDDDDD

List of a few recent Manba and other darker Gals


Manba Gyarusa

Italian and Mexican Food

On Sunday me and my family from my mother went to an Italian restaurant {3 I wore this hehe

I rarely wear this onepiece because I searched for it till death XD
Don't know why I don't take a pic from the other food but the dessert was a strawberry parfait ♥

So Today we wanted to go to the Zoo because there is a exibition from Gunther von Hagen! It's about dead animals that he made long-living!
But the queue was too long,so we decided to go eat Mexican in our fav restaurant ♥
 Just look at the 'Sechs on the beach' with 'schnapps' instead of schnaps and sex xD
I love such adorable mistakes haha
Tortilla as appetizer
my CHIMICHANGA xD It was huge but so delicious *___*
After the food we were really full,but my dads fiancee still wnated an ice xD
so we went to a easter fair ♥
 I took a pic because most people in my hometown don't know this as nougat or at all ;__;

I dun wear acczesoires and stuff because I only had 30min to get ready X__X
I'm wearing casual make up(w/ out lashes) but my lenses *___* And my hair looked so long so I made it a bit more fluffy xD
I know that I'm pale XD but tommorow I'm going to the tanning studio *__* ♥

I'm so addicted with my lenses xDD I think I look a bit ulzzang here o__O'


About the risks of Hostessing~

Montag, 5. April 2010

Shohei and Miura Haruma xD

You two seem to get along very well but what if you fell in love with the same girl?
Haruma: I’d say “give her to me this time since you can get any girl you want” (laughs). But if this happens for real, which one would you choose? Friendship or love?
Shohei: Friendship! (straight away)
Haruma: really? I’d probably take love. Maybe….
Shohei: Definitely friendship for me. Even if I like the same girl as you, I’d be like “dozo,dozo/please,please” (with hands like Dacho Club/comedians)
Haruma: What a broad-minded guy! 

This is so so great XD I love these two together XD They are real dorks haha


Miura ♥



Manga Fox: Imadoki Manga Series

Manga Fox: Imadoki Manga Series

Haha I've dreamed about it XD I really loved this Manga but it's a really long time since I read it XD

There is a Ganguro Guirl as well X__X haha I love her

Sonntag, 4. April 2010


we need such a machine in germany ;__; why do we have still this old trash xD

I love the machines in Japan ;__;


xD diese weisheiten


hauptsache mein make uo hielt XD in nich in der lage english zu schreiben x>D

dieser frank mit seinen coolen geschichten über asien xD boah
so so cool~
ich liebe die freunde meines vaters
grad mit ihm noch ne halbe stunde mich über leuchtknicklichter amüsiert xD
boaaah war das alles geil
noch mit der einen über den katholischen glauebn philosophiert und mit ner bierflasche oin meinen zeigefinger geschnitten und'n blutbad angerichtet XD
hauptsache ich muss morgen um 12 bei meienr oma sein und tot und bier X__X boah weizenbier ohne ende und wasser is meine rettung XD

Und keienr hat was negatives poder überhaupt was zu meinem make uo gesagt *__*'
jhachja <3 ich liebe daddys freunde xD
wenn ichn motorrad füherschein hab,mahc ich mit denen ne tour nahc spanien xD aber hola

Samstag, 3. April 2010

Outfit and hair

Today is my dads birthday party and I tried to make Suji *__*
they look really good..maybe I will do my whole hair tommorow with them(I'm going to a dinner with my mother and her parents {3)
I think I look a bit creepy in here xD

I like this '__'

With my dad xD

And btw...this song scares me to helll xD I mean...ARE YOU SERIOUS??

This cube bought my dad for me in Hamburg XDD

Yunkoro {3

I have the egg DVD now and OMG Yunkoro is so so beautiful *__*

I will try this hair *__* its soo cute with those roses
she is so pretty~ now I like her XD definitively

THIS totally got me ;O; So beautiful ...

xD Para Para again

Haha I will try this Para Para later
but know I can dance this {3

I love Aina ;__;

Freitag, 2. April 2010



Japan Pictures

Finally I found the Picasa Album from my Aunt xDD
There aren't all the pictures from japan but here a few I like or which I think my Outfit suck DXD
OMG I look so so bad X___X

My Aunt say the Fantastic Four XD

I really love this pic
I could remeber that those Hosts laughed about us O__o'
Haha xD
BLOODY MONDAY *_____* I'm pretty sure its the same cafe as  in the Drama XD BUT THE PLAKAT AND A SHOE FROM MIURA HARUMA propably xD
PLEASE please ignore my face xD
I like this pic because my aunt and uncle made a pic like we all XDD so cute
Waterfall behind our hotel in Kyoto
Now following is the 'finest' green tea Food xD
The green tea ice cream was just disgusting X__X but the marron ice cream was great ;O;