Montag, 5. April 2010

Shohei and Miura Haruma xD

You two seem to get along very well but what if you fell in love with the same girl?
Haruma: I’d say “give her to me this time since you can get any girl you want” (laughs). But if this happens for real, which one would you choose? Friendship or love?
Shohei: Friendship! (straight away)
Haruma: really? I’d probably take love. Maybe….
Shohei: Definitely friendship for me. Even if I like the same girl as you, I’d be like “dozo,dozo/please,please” (with hands like Dacho Club/comedians)
Haruma: What a broad-minded guy! 

This is so so great XD I love these two together XD They are real dorks haha