Freitag, 2. April 2010

Japan Pictures

Finally I found the Picasa Album from my Aunt xDD
There aren't all the pictures from japan but here a few I like or which I think my Outfit suck DXD
OMG I look so so bad X___X

My Aunt say the Fantastic Four XD

I really love this pic
I could remeber that those Hosts laughed about us O__o'
Haha xD
BLOODY MONDAY *_____* I'm pretty sure its the same cafe as  in the Drama XD BUT THE PLAKAT AND A SHOE FROM MIURA HARUMA propably xD
PLEASE please ignore my face xD
I like this pic because my aunt and uncle made a pic like we all XDD so cute
Waterfall behind our hotel in Kyoto
Now following is the 'finest' green tea Food xD
The green tea ice cream was just disgusting X__X but the marron ice cream was great ;O;

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ピア ヅ。 hat gesagt…

:D coole Bilder.
Du weißt ja ich liebe Japan Bilder gucken XD