Mittwoch, 7. April 2010

Italian and Mexican Food

On Sunday me and my family from my mother went to an Italian restaurant {3 I wore this hehe

I rarely wear this onepiece because I searched for it till death XD
Don't know why I don't take a pic from the other food but the dessert was a strawberry parfait ♥

So Today we wanted to go to the Zoo because there is a exibition from Gunther von Hagen! It's about dead animals that he made long-living!
But the queue was too long,so we decided to go eat Mexican in our fav restaurant ♥
 Just look at the 'Sechs on the beach' with 'schnapps' instead of schnaps and sex xD
I love such adorable mistakes haha
Tortilla as appetizer
my CHIMICHANGA xD It was huge but so delicious *___*
After the food we were really full,but my dads fiancee still wnated an ice xD
so we went to a easter fair ♥
 I took a pic because most people in my hometown don't know this as nougat or at all ;__;

I dun wear acczesoires and stuff because I only had 30min to get ready X__X
I'm wearing casual make up(w/ out lashes) but my lenses *___* And my hair looked so long so I made it a bit more fluffy xD
I know that I'm pale XD but tommorow I'm going to the tanning studio *__* ♥

I'm so addicted with my lenses xDD I think I look a bit ulzzang here o__O'


About the risks of Hostessing~

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ピア ヅ。 hat gesagt…

Du hast rote haare o.o
Sieht gut aus :D
Und das Kleid ist niedlich!!