Mittwoch, 20. Oktober 2010

Short shopping Tip

well yesterday I decided to buy things for my last money..and well...I only have a few cts left XDDDD

first of all my outfit
well I had this onepiece for longer tme now but its still to hot to wear it when shopping X__x I nearly died XDD

ahh my baby ;__; It was on sale and yes I only bought things from HM but the fact that I only had like 4-5 items from this shop is a reason why I dont feel bad XD
He only cost 10 € ;__; my baby <333 awww Photobucket

well this is a skirt too but u cant see the form well..and the dots are pink XDD well I colored them slobby XDD''


I couldn resist to buy this XD'' dont know why...its a bit to big but oh well... it was the last and the shirts all costed only 3€ instead of 10-20 something XD

finally a Lady Gaga shirt ;__; I so love her hehe

and then these two <3 I love thes ebig t shirts <3 and now some camwhoring with my new bottom lashes which I could adjust right due to my time xDD I need to run to the train always... Photobucket
I love my cap ,__;'



Oh and I found these advertisement in the glamour ;__; I love keira knightly and awww its so perfect

and I found this haha


I totally want this perfume


Yeah I've looked trough the new poptenn and here are the most things I like or that stand out xD

Mhh were should I start??
Yeah also right know its getting colder and I see leg warmers and mhh


I dont like them and the combination in this outfit(which I cut because of that) but I like the idea of wearing black socks in pumps and leg warmers...
I have a lot of leg warmers but I still dont know If I should wear them...maybe this season I will wear them XD mhhh


and there is a page only about leg warmers *__* these are really pretty <3 especially the with the pom poms? XD dont know the word...;_; Photobucket
then there are the long dresses...
I only have one but I want to buy new ones b/c I saw pretty ones <<' But I thought u can only wear them in summer but when I saw this I thought about weaing them with colder weather too what do u think? :__: I dont wnat to look like someone that didnt get the climatic change XD Photobucket
This dress is especially pretty ;__; I love the different patterns <33 and the vest reminds me of mine xD b/c I love those combis haha Photobucket
O and recently these skirt pants are really in <3 I love them but I havent seen on in any shops here yet :( And the pattern is love <3 I love clothes with those lace patterns <3 Photobucket
Haha I think this dress is really pretty but on the other side it doesnt matter who wears this, will look like a 5 year old child X_x

Wah I need to buy new overknees ;__; mine lost their sole XD completly <<' so i need to find ones that are long enough for my long legs and arent that high AND look good << Oh and dont cost like 290239€ <<' I havent found pretty ones,yet O__o dont speak from the other points xD but I wont lose `___´ Photobucket
I want some like these ;__;

awww I felt in love with them ;__;
they are so so pretty and they arent that high...
because they are so beautiful I would totally forget ablout the high XD
well...a little less than this high would be perfect...b/c I wnat to wear them always..
and they should be cozy X__x

and that leads my post to the slightly OVERLOAD on boheme XD
I love this style to death ;__; really.. aww

b/c they wear these overknees XDD and well..there stand nordic.. and I know that this is a new trend but in my opinion this is more Bohemeian <<' I would say its nordic when there would be these pullovers with the pattern but these are with flowers and aww the vest is so lovely ;__; Photobucket
haha and shes wearing the boots too XD
and aww that dress ;___;
And I want a cardigan like that since last year but the problem is that I get heated really fast XD''

love the whole outfit but especially the belt is pretty <3 I have one of these in my poupee XDD Photobucket
the fur vest <3 Photobucket
I'm not a fan from body suits...I like jumper more..
and it doesnt do any for every figure because seriously..even those skinny gyaru model looks chubby XD

This owes the osm <3 Photobucket
Love the skirt and the dresses or rather the onepiece and the scarf and OMG red haired gal ;__;
there are so much good items in this coordinations <3 like the flower and the bag Photobucket
again the fur vest.But the lace vest is more stunning ;_; where to get where to get...


Haha the ear muffs <33 I laid my eyes on some in the city XD
I really wnat tobuy some this season ;__; forgot it lats winter

and I need some of these caps which go over ur ear..u know? The ones out of coton with nordic pattern XD

yeah that was my little review on the newest popteen <3

Dienstag, 19. Oktober 2010


My lashes I ordered on friday are here *__* they are really fantastic {3 and I even got a gift because I bought there really much xD'''


the package XDD I heard a doorbell in my dreams and then this was it haha



the bottom lashes



the gift *____*

Sonntag, 17. Oktober 2010

I'm tired after cklubbing and dancing like crazy in my new shoes..they are cozy but not for danicng on a music box... XDD''
and my T shirt lost a chain-...mhh not really lost but it hangs around XDD

pics form the day

new onepieces from france

 Make up haha

clubbing outfit <333
AND THEN SOMEBODY PLAESE TELL ME THAT ULZZANG or better IDOLs are faaaar different from Gyaru Style {{'
btw I loloed hard when i realized the sonya rikiel clothes xD

Samstag, 16. Oktober 2010


I found a few better pics from things I brought in Italy {{ for example my dresses...

 I love it {333 I only bought it because of the glitter and the ribbon XDD but then I saw it had Lindsey Lohan written DDD I think its funny

 The only pretty LV copy I found xD I really love that bag {3 mum bought it for me..but asked me beforehand...and I like it xD But I dnt know the coordination to wear it..any suggestions? I think it has some special feel xD

 again my mum XD they are really big...but pretty <33 maybe for the next Hime Gyaru look?

 They match my white dress with the rose aplication xD hehe

 Again my mum xD well I like HK but...not that exzessive xD But they are cute...

I needed a new one...

And last but not least a not so outdated pic from a birthday party I went to
I love my headband with the black rose...bought it in Italy too

But its really difficult to fix :__: