Freitag, 15. Oktober 2010

Little Update

Mhh I bought so many clothes since the summer holidays and arg...I only have a few pics but mor ewill follow

u remember how I searched like crazy for this glasses? I've brought two exact kinds of this and one other one XDD for only 1 € neach in New Yorker hahaha

and woah I searched like crazy for a dress like this too ;__; and in italy I found it {33 awwww {33 my 2 lovely dresses {3

Thats the cam that my dad gave me for making these pics XDD its like ages old and omg I didnt use it because its terrible X__X
and its fucking huge XDD

 I love it {333 its from New Yorker XDD

 and these too {3 I brought them 3 days ago or so... {3 they only cost 10 € and screamed 'BUY ME' XD
They are really beautiful ;__; and only 10cm high <333

 I brought this in Italy {333 I really needed a new portmonaie {{ I had my last since 8 years XDD

Its not really a Onepiece but a long shirt and it wa scheap and from New Yorker XDD Like the most new stuff I bought in germany haha

Actually I bought this pants before the summe rholidays but I love them now {33 they look really good *__* and awww

 I havent worn this yet but I love marine look...thats the reason why I bought this xD And I dont have any little scarf like this X__x

 Haha I have a lot of clothes that are plain and I thought these brooch is good for them xDD It was a spontan buy haha

 Bought this in Italy xDD only wanted to show

The only things I bought in France are my Monaco bag *___*

 aww I totally wanted something from Monaco and the bag is marine again XD I love it {333 especially the crown {3

I bought these onepieces for 5 € each xDD i think its cute {3 its a bit sac like but its ok xDD to quote my bf:'Its another sac..its a cute sac' XDD

yeah..thats it XD till now <333 I will update more ;__; PROMISE

I will make a bette rlayout too XD blogspot heard my prayers for a layout designer hahaha

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