Sonntag, 17. Oktober 2010

I'm tired after cklubbing and dancing like crazy in my new shoes..they are cozy but not for danicng on a music box... XDD''
and my T shirt lost a chain-...mhh not really lost but it hangs around XDD

pics form the day

new onepieces from france

 Make up haha

clubbing outfit <333
AND THEN SOMEBODY PLAESE TELL ME THAT ULZZANG or better IDOLs are faaaar different from Gyaru Style {{'
btw I loloed hard when i realized the sonya rikiel clothes xD


Yuki hat gesagt…

ooh you have really nice lenses!! :)

Mona ♥ hat gesagt…

Thank u :D

サン ♥ サングリア hat gesagt…