Freitag, 9. April 2010

Coffee Prince

I saved three scenes in the drama (and countless screenscaps what I do everytime I watch something) I want to write down here,because 1 is beautiful,1 is funny and 1 shocked me to the death XD

When Eun Chan and Han Sung talked about something Eun Chan had not said:
Han Sung:
"I don't know why this is so,
Whether you're laughing or crying,
Just watching you brings me joy.
That's what I like.
Promise me one thing,
In front of me, just do what you want.

Your mood, your feelings,
Without hiding anything."

Thats so so beautiful ;__; I just want that somebody would say that to me.. XD 
Probaply Han Sung XDDDDD
Then when Yoo Joo returned after a few weeks without anybody saying where she were.
Han Sung:"Where were you?"
Yoo Joo:"A quiet beach."
Han Sung:"What is the number to that beach?
 Write down all of your 
family and 
beach's number
in my phone book. All right?"

XD I just love this character <3

And this scene was when Yoo Joo finds out that Han Sung had kiss Eun Chan and his denial of his feelings for Eun Chan

Yoo Joo:"What was so good about her?
Because she was innocent?
She's just a cute, little kid?
Seeing you lying like that to me...
watching you check for her text
messages after sleeping with me,

do you know how shameful I felt?"

I mean...seriously..WTF? XD
THIS IS F** bad XD really...what a respectless treatment of his girlfriend XDD

This shocked me really XD Maybe he thoght of her while they did it too XD OMG

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