Sonntag, 30. September 2012

cross DIY shirt

Fist of all I want to show you my new and healed tattoo

I took a ´black shirt and bleached a cross on it, the outcome was so much better as I thought because it got red not white/ yellow

Like I already said I dyed my hair again to get a lighter blonde and no I dont have much hair left and they are so broken ._. never using this dye again

I dont know what to do with my hair because I dont want to cut them so much. I cut them but I somehow want a more real haircut like a sort of a bob but I dont want short hair so meeeeh

Just dont know

Here you can see my harcolor better

At the end I have only a few things

I found my old ring again which my aunt gave me as a gift when I was like 8

I think its really cute because its such a thin thing

And then did my boyfriend my nails xD only the shine but it looks so cool

bye bye 


Goshikku-chan hat gesagt…

Das shirt is geil. Wie kamst auf das Tattoo?

Miss.Mia hat gesagt…

Mona das Tattoo sieht voll geil aus *^*

Mona ♥ hat gesagt…

danke danke

ach einfach o. ich wollt eigtl nur die schrift in grss aber dann dacht ich mir nekrone passt super dazu und iwie siehts dann jetzt so aus XD

VI0 hat gesagt…

das Tattoo, mensch du bist ein Mensch mit vielen Überraschungen!

Wikoyah Aja hat gesagt…

kan nuttig zijn, de informatie is erg handig, dank je
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