Mittwoch, 10. Oktober 2012

Anniversary and Giveaway Win

Hello Hello

Sorry, I was ill the past week so I didnt had the oppurturnity to post something interesting.

But on monday, my boyfriend and I had our first anniversary an we went to diner at one of our favourite Mexican resturants, Tijuana.

I ordered the same as always xD But next time I will order a burger too :D

A pic from my outfit.

You can also see, how my hair gets lighter *_*

And I won a Giveaway from Shoppingholics for one pair of lenses

I couldnt decide because I want black lenses for so long and I started to like red lenses a while ago and I clicked trough the page for a few hours xD

I'm really excited.

bye bye

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sooooo pretty :)

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