Freitag, 4. Februar 2011

Short update

As you can see I finally updated the layout X__x

yeah... so heres a little update..
I dot my hair cut but there isnt a really photo of it yet so yeah... here it looks like this <3
 its just a bit shorter and all ~ but I love the hair that fall into my face~~

My simple Outfit for this day

I went to a meet for our Class newespaper... for the farewell u know
I tried a more natural make up too

I wanted to try these...they were so cheap XD
also this glitters so beautiful!

b/c I needed some
I LOVE THEM!! Not sure how to wear them yet but I will figure ~

I LOVE THEM!!! I wanted them for such a long time and they are sooo cool~
 random bought
I bought this to do Amekaji ~ I'm so addicted with this style...
And omg can u see the attached lace on the inside?~~

yeah...thats it ~


ゴ☆ hat gesagt…

die blumenjacke hab ich auch xD dies geil XD!

schöne haare ♥

Lydia Le Freak hat gesagt…



Die kannst du voll gut mit den Boots tragen :DD
Und eigentlich auch mit der Leoleggins oder Strumpfhose, weil Mustermix und so

Lydia Le Freak hat gesagt…

ach und Mona ... dein Make-up ist wenig natural |D