Freitag, 25. Dezember 2009

Diese Mona

Def. Mona

A dreamy girl who makes an entire room light up with just a smile. Pure and innocent. Wonderful, funny, lovable and entertaining. Secretly lusted after by many people. A being of total perfection; flawless. Once you met her, she will linger in your thoughts and dreams- she is unforgettable. Addictive. Beautiful yet sexy. Has been known to 'put a spell' on the people that she meets, making them obsess over her. Has a mysterious aura.
"I think i just fell in love. That girl was a total mona..."

In a north Italian dialect, literally, it means pussy.
It is used with the meaning of stupid or idiot,too.
1) Mi piace la mona
I like pussy
2) Sei proprio un mona!
You are an idiot!
3) Ma va in mona!
Fuck You!

used in thailand. meaning a true homie.
thats my mona right there.

MONA is an abbrivation for Morphine Oxygen Nitroglycerin Aspirin.
This is the first aids in treatment of the miocardial infarction
We have to use MONA now- Dr. said

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